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Providing Top Quality Accounting, Audit & Tax Services
BDG CPA Quality CPA Services
Providing Top Quality Accounting,
Audit & Tax Services


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Major Corporate Outsourced Functions

Managers of major corporate departments - controller, tax, internal audit, and human resources all have functions that must be performed on a regular basis that do not warrant a full time hire or require various specialized skills that only take a fraction of a labor year. BDG-CPAs works with management to carefully assess outsourceable functions, then takes ownership and responsibility for such recurring functions long-term and for a fixed fee. 

Temps on the other hand are unknown commodities, require recurring training and supervision by management, typically short-term, and are difficult to control hourly time. And in-house staff can often be better utilized, challenged. 

The BDG-CPAs approach is to apply the COSO Internal Control Framework at the functional level to ensure that the outsourced function activities reach the goals and objectives of management. BDG-CPAs learns the function once, then stands behind the performance and quality with BDG-CPAs dotted supervision internally and solid line to clients long-term. Fixed fee makes it easy for management to budget. 

Outsourcing to BDG-CPAs has proved to be highly effective for many major corporate clients for decades. 

BDG-CPAs has extensive client experience in outsourced function ownership: periodic tax provisions, fixed asset management, select account analysis, monthly closing procedures, 10K & Q sections, employee benefit plan financial statements, impairment testing based on valuations, and 404 assistance using the COSO Internal Control Framework.  

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