Meet Our Leadership Team


CPA, FSPA, MAAA, Enrolled Actuary

Larry Peters and Neil Della Torre worked together at PwC when 401(k) plans were in their infancy. He joined the BDG-CPAs employee benefit plan audit team in 2010. Larry has extensive CPA firm experience as a New York PwC manager. He went on to become an Enrolled Actuary and had an extensive career with human resource firms, mostly with Mercer.

Larry was also head of human resources at a major corporation. He presently works with BDG-CPAs on special assignments typically involving technical challenges. This occasionally involves swiftly resolving issues noted in the audit with DOL/ IRS Self-correction Program advise. He is also an excellent communicator of sponsor related TPA user internal controls. Larry’s talents enrichen the BDG-CPAs 401(k) and other benefit plan audit services as a value added resource.

Larry enjoys talking about CPA and enrolled actuary 401(k) related technical issues. He has a friendly personality and enjoys his time with family and friends, and at BDG-CPAs social events.